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Due to Corona Virus,  we are incorporating measures as recommended by the Health Authorities and consistently updating them if required. Rest assure, that Brian can still supply a top quality service, ensuring it does not affect the top class performance he delivers, whilst maintaining in line with the current Health & Safety regulations.
You can be confident that you and your guests will love the new magical surprises Brian has in store for your event.

The Perfect Wedding Day Or Social Entertainment

Close up magic is the ideal form of entertainment that can amaze and your family, friends and guests on your special day, guaranteeing they remember your event for years to come. Everyone loves some magic and there is a good reason for that. Magic connects with people through their feelings and emotions. Like music, it is an art form that allows people to experience some amazing moments. These can be funny moments, emotional or just simply entertaining moments but all that will remain memorable for a long time.

Brian wowed us and this kind of entertainment goes perfectly with a nice dinner.
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The Right Magician Keeps Your Experience In Mind

It’s important you choose an experienced and fully qualified, professional magician right for you, your family and your guests. That person needs to have a varied repertoire and a good choice of tricks for different types of guests that are present. Your professional magician must be able to identify with different types of guests and not include any trick or humor that may be inappropriate for them or any children that are present. Brian is in possession of all these abilities, plus his magic skills are of a top world class standard with years of 100s of professional world wide performances to back him up. Trust in Brian to deliver a truly professional service from the instant you contact him.

The Best Moments For The Magic To Happen

Brian Role` provides sleight of hand magic and a combination of mind reading experiences using good clean humour to get the people talking, laughing and just having a good time. The magic can happen during the following period/s during your event:

Option A – Photo Session 

Magician Malta Photo-by-Sebio-Aquilina

One one of the most popular choice amongst clients is to have some form of engaging entertainment to blur out those grey moments during the long photographs period. Brian can entertain the other guests who are waiting their turn to be photographed, with his amazing close up magic while they are having a drink. This is a really good moment for close up magic as guests will not have had much to drink so they can not blame the alcohol for the amazing things to unfold before their eyes! 
Average Duration 60 – 120 minutes.

Option B – Sit Down Lunch/Dinners

Close Up Table Magic in Malta

The magic happens at each table and Brian will entertain guests involving them at their table with his amazing magic. In turn this makes waiting in between courses entertaining and fun as Brian visits each table during different stages of the meal. As a top class magician, Brian knows when to deliver this, usually in between courses without disturbing the flow of the food, waiter service on in-between speeches.  Each groups seated at each table will be presented with a very personal approach and the experience is quite unique for each group. This is great especially for events where you may have guests on the same table who don’t know each other since Brian makes sure to involve everyone. His interaction will defiantly open up conversations when he leaves the table to visit and entertain another group. 
Average Duration 90 – 120 minutes.

Option C – Stand Up Receptions / Events

Close Up Magician in Malta Wedding

Brian is an expert at mingling with guests during stand up events such as receptions, delivering his skillful entertaining close up magic. This option is just great during the start of the event, where everything is slow going. Brian’s magic will start up conversations, integrate guests that don’t know each other and provide that fun feeling to commence a great time ahead. 
Average Duration 90 – 120 minutes

How much does it cost? 

Brian Role` is affordable however each case is unique and the cost depends on four main factors; Date, location, duration and special requests that require customisation. These variable make it impossible to list all prices. Therefore, get in touch with Brian and he’ll be happy to get back to you quickly with availability and work out a specific cost. For your money you are promised not just value, but most of all a guarantee of the most professional service there is to offer.

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Magic For Weddings

A Well-rounded Service Designed with you In Mind

Brian Rolè is the leading magician in Malta, renown worldwide for his various global performances. Apart from weddings, Brian provides the most amazing magic for clients organising VIP events and corporate banquets.

Brian Rolè also performs on television and has appeared as a special guest on many aired programs. As a full time professional magician, Brian is accustomed to spending time travelling which ensures you that the location of your event is of no issue to him.

Close Up Magic For Your Event

Close Up Magic is the perfect type of entertainment for Weddings, Corporate Events, Banquets, Receptions and similar events.

It is a specialised form of magic that you can witness from extremely close quarters. Most of this kind of magic happens in the guests’ hands making it as close as one can get. Under the correct presentation, it creates an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Close-up magic is good in almost any situation, since the magic is up close and personal. Each individual can experience the magic in his or her unique way. There is no bulky props enabling the magician to be able to mingle in order to entertain the guests.

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Brian Role`
Magician For Events In Malta 




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to Quality

Brian Role` dedicates himself to providing the best magic, most suitable according to the occasion. His magic is a an ongoing development of his experience over many years performing professionally world wide. Brian ensures that his product is tried and tested before reaching a live audience, guaranteeing great reactions from those watching. He delivers a highly professional execution of the magic he presents to ensuring satisfaction throughout. He guarantees an easy booking and execution of the service so that you do not need to prepare anything or worry on the day.

Close up Magic Malta - Magician

Professional  Experience

In 2006 Brian introduced magic for wedding events for the first time in Malta.  Prior to offering the new service on the island, he had performed (and still does) professionally on cruise liners, in theatres, in restaurants, at resorts and for several private events either for individuals or corporate clients. The demand for his performances came from several countries stretching all over the globe from south America to Asia. There are other magicians claiming to be the best magician but if you want the person with years of actual professional work experience then Brian Role` is the ultimate choice. 

Magician Wedding Malta - Wedding entertainment in Malta


The magic Brian presents is designed to not only entertain the audience in an amazing manner but also to create moments that remain memorable for many years following your event. Brian has trained the psychology behind the acts he presents so that they related to the persons and occasions he is presenting them for. Although it may appear to be, nothing is coincidental and everything is pre-planned to great detail. What may appear spontaneous or improvised may very well be planned way ahead of it happening. But even when put on the spot, Brian is well prepared to leave an everlasting memory.

As a seasoned and fully professional magician in Malta, Brian Role` gets to perform in various venues that specialise in social events and weddings. If you are looking for that special venue in Malta, ideal for your wedding or social event, then the following may be an interesting read.


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