Brian Who?


The expectancy of a magician has changed a lot over the years, people expect amazing things from the modern magician of today.

Brian Role has acquired the special skills required to perfect his art by performing daily on a professional basis for several years. He has turned his art into an entertaining and amazing magical performance that  people will remember long after witnessing his magic. 

Brian dedicates all his time to providing the ultimate magical experience guaranteed to astonish and amaze but most importantly entertain you in a pleasantly surprising modern manner.  
Close Up Magic Magician Malta


Best Magician in Malta receives Merlin Award



A Multi Award Winning Career. 

What began as a humble hobby, many years ago in a small island called Malta, has turned into a life long full time professional career, continuously taking Brian to  many beautiful locations worldwide to perform his amazing magic. His achievements have been awarded on different occasions with his highest award being the most prestigious award in magic, ‘The International Magician’s Society Merlin Award’.  


Other Performances

Brian Role is the only magician in Malta with his own ongoing regular show productions where the public may purchase tickets to come and see him perform.

The Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show
Showing on a weekly basis – A highly acclaimed dinner and show experience that has earned various awards and showing on a weekly basis since 2011.
The Luxury Magic Show / Full Moon Magic
Showing on a monthly basis – A high end luxury experience for those in search of finer things and more sophisticated acts, all original and exclusive only to Brian Role.

Brian Role Magician Malta - Wedding Entertainment in Malta

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COMMITTED TO Making Special Days more Special

If you are seeking that special something to make your day as memorable as possible for you and your guests, then you are at the right place. Close up magic is the best form of wedding entertainment in Malta or anywhere in the world. The range of magic Brian Role provides varies from the traditional pack of cards to the ultra-modern close up levitation illusions. Be sure to expect something in there for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. 

“My audience and what I offer them is very important to me, and I am deeply committed to making sure they not only get what they would expect from a magician, but much more!” Brian Role. 

Wedding Entertainment In Malta 


Magician Malta Closse Up Magic Wedding entertainment

Close Up Magic
During dining

During seated lunches / dinners, close up magic is provided to those guests who are in between courses. Brian will go from table to table providing amazing feats up close and personal. The approach is non intrusive and Brian will stay clear of guests who still have food on their plate or who are undergoing important conversations.  Best form of wedding entertainment in Malta.  

Close Up Magic
Stand Up / Strolling

Magic especially created and designed for those events where guests are standing (reception style) usually in small groups. Brian will stroll and mingle amongst the groups offering breath-taking magic that takes places amongst the group or for an individual or couple. Nothing can come closer than magic happening in your own hand!

Wedding Entertainment in Malta - Magician

Close Up Magic
For Grey moments

Those grey moments may include but not limited to: Prior to the arrival of the wedding couple, during photo sessions, post dinner before cutting of the cake, prior to dinner, during the dancing period for guests who are not interested in joining in dancing and for whatever other reason you may think that guests may need to be entertained so they will not feel bored. 


Brian Role magician Malta Review

Mr & Mrs

“He was brilliant. All our guests enjoyed his magic so did we. We cannot recommend him enough! Thank you Brian for a wonderful evening on our special day! ”
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“We were  impressed with your professional approach throughout and would happily recommend you to anyone wishing to add a touch of magic to their day”
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“Many thanks to Brian Role for performing at Gary & Sarah’s wedding at the Sea Bank hotel. The guests were in awe and are still talking about the illusions today!  ”
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“Brian, thank you for coming to our Gala event, at Le Meridien in St Julian’s, to entertain everybody so well throughout dinner.  Everyone was fascinated by you and your magic!”
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