Brian Role' Performing His Close Up Magic

Dear Guest,

Welcome and thank you for taking time to learn more about how I can be of service to you.

Being a full time professional magician, performing across the planet, thought me how important it is to offer only the best. Your guests are the most important people to share your special occasion with you and I know that you want to make sure you offer them the very best you can.

I ensure that your esteemed guests will be entertained and impressed. This makes them happy and ensures that you are confident it will be memorable.

My experience is backed up with years of performing  on a professional basis, for wedding events,  corporate events, celebration gatherings and on cruise ships.

People who book my services always want to offer their guests the best venue, the best food and of course the best entertainment they can afford, which is why I take this aspect very seriously. Your interests are my main concern.

The fact that my availability is limited and I can only be in one place at any given time means that it is not always possible to be available fit everyone in. I wish I could but there is only one of me!

For those who wish to learn more about what I can provide, which is a skilled close-up magic performance with lots of personality and an unique and most memorable approach, then please utilse some of your time to discover this dedicated site.

Best wishes,

Brian Role`

Close-Up Magic, the ideal specialised entertainment for Weddings, Corporate Events, Gala Dinners, Restaurants and Private Gatherings

What is close-up magic?

This is the kind of magic that is witnessed from extremely close quarters, in fact as close as one can get and most of this kind of magic happens in the guests’ hands leaving a memorable occasion for all those who experience this kind of magic. Close-up magic is good in almost any situation, since the magic is up close and personal. Each individual can experience the magic in his or her unique way. The magician does not carry any bulky props, so mingling  around gatherings or visiting tables in order to entertain is easily achieved. The magic can be provided literally anywhere.


There are many forms of close-up magic and these are utilised by the magician to fit the situation. Close-up magic can appeal both to adults and children. It’s for everyone and the magician uses his gained skills to adapt the magic to entertain the age group he is performing to.

If you want to learn more about Close-Up Magic then please download Brian’s pamphlet explaining all there is to know about it. Click Here To download Brian Role`’s Close Up Magic PDF


Close-up magic for your wedding? Why not?

Close Up Magic is the perfect type of entertainment for Weddings, Corporate Events, Banquets, Receptions and for other types of events such as product launches. It is eye-catching and can be performed in close surroundings with people gather all around the magician.   Click Here to read the published article to find out more about close up magic for Weddings.

Why Brian Role`

Currently Brian Rolè leads magic performances all over Malta and Gozo is renown worldwide for his various global performances. He was first to officially introduce close-up magic during weddings in Malta in 2007 and since then he has engaged his skills with several happy couples.

Apart from providing magic for weddings and private events, Brian has performed his close-up magic for several Statesmen, VIPs and CEOs during their very special events. Such clients and esteemed guests include,  politicians, Hewlett Packard(International), Sony (Malta), Westar (Dubai), The Round Table Mumbai, The WTA in Doha Qatar, Kellog’s, MTV, MSV LIFE, VODAFONE, HSBC, BOV, Colorline Cruises Norway and several others. He has also professionally  performed on cruise ships and in many variety shows within larger productions and his own headliner shows. Brian currently performs on a regular basis in Malta’s top dinner show called the Chamber of Mysteries which has won TripAdvisor‘s hard to get ‘Certificate of Excellence Award’ 6 years in a row since 2011. The show it self is a great night out for people and small groups visiting Malta and especially great for Hen Nights!

Watch Brian amaze famous actress and presenter Debbie Jones during an exclusive interview with Brian on her program ‘Cruising With The Stars’ on The Holiday and Cruise Channel on SKY TV.

Brian Role` is a an esteemed member of many prestigious clubs such as the Magic Circle of London and the world’s largest association for magicians the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Brian is a full time professional magician, this fact alone plays a very important factor when choosing the right person for such a dedicated job. Google him up by clicking here!

Member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians